Comtruk© load management products for your pickup or light-duty commercial vehicle

Comtruk designs and manufactures strong, flexible, safe, and smart products to help you get more out of your ute, pickup, or light-duty truck. The Sport Utility Bed (SUB©) completely reinvents the traditional Australian ute tray and the XT150™ rack bars offer a fantastic level of performance from a rack bar.

SUB for commercial use

The SUB delivers easier and safer load management, plus increased fuel efficiency and system durability for utes and commercial light-duty pickups.

SUB for recreational use

Seize the weekend with a SUB. You’ll get hassle-free loading and carrying of bikes, kayaks, camping gear, or whatever you need for your outdoor adventures.


Comtruk’s XT150 increases your pickup bed’s carrying capacity. Featuring t-slot channels on the inside and outside, Comtruk’s patented rack bars deliver a better pickup rack system.

platform rack

Purpose built for the wide span on utes, the HD150 platform rack is the strongest in class. It covers the distance between the mount bars over the ute tub and its load rating isn’t limited by a vehicle roof.

EZ Lift-N-Load™ side lifter

The EZ Lift-N-Load side lifter fits to the SUB on mid- and full size pickup trucks. Rated for a safe working load of 250kgs, one person can load a hot water heater, chemicals, or similar.

Comtruk accessories

Comtruk accessories were designed to meet our standards of performance and quality. They’re so good, to meet demand, we’ve re-engineered many of them to fit original pickup beds, not just Comtruk beds.

Comtruk ute tray with XT150 rack bars and Gladiator Cargo Net