Comtruk© load management products for your pickup or light-duty commercial vehicle

Comtruk designs and manufactures strong, flexible, safe, and smart products to help you get more out of your ute, pickup, or light-duty truck. The Sport Utility Bed (SUB©) completely reinvents the traditional Australian ute tray and the XT150™ rack bars offer a fantastic level of performance from a rack bar.

SUB for commercial use

The SUB delivers easier and safer load management, plus increased fuel efficiency and system durability for utes and commercial light-duty pickups.

SUB for recreational use

Seize the weekend with a SUB. You’ll get hassle-free loading and carrying of bikes, kayaks, camping gear, or whatever you need for your outdoor adventures.

rack bars

Comtruk’s XT150 increases your pickup bed’s carrying capacity. Featuring t-slot channels on the inside and outside, Comtruk’s patented rack bars deliver a better pickup rack system.

EZ Lift-N-Load™ side lifter

The EZ Lift-N-Load side lifter fits to the SUB on mid- and full size pickup trucks. Rated for a safe working load of 250kgs, one person can load a hot water heater, chemicals, or similar.

Comtruk ute tray with XT150 rack bars and Gladiator Cargo Net