The new standard for commercial use ute trays

Comtruk’s Sport Utility Bed (SUB©) features a range of ute trays that tick all the right boxes. You’ll save your fleet money, reduce overheads, improve productivity, improve safety, and improve your brand image. The SUB is a game changer.

icon to illustrate the strength and durability of the SUB


Industrial aluminium alloy construction make it light and durable; the reduced weight means less fuel.

icon illustrating the risk mitigation benefits of the SUB


Risk mitigation and safer loading and unloading from smooth corners, ergonomic handles, and easier access.

icon to illustrate the attractive design of the SUB


Smooth lines are perfect for signage and brand messaging and deliver heavy lifting business promotion.

icon to illustrate the versatility of the SUB


Customise for the job or the industry; easy-to-operate side and tailgates, side drawers, and adapters.

icon illustrating the weight capacity of the SUB


Get more usable floor space and better organised loads for more payload and more volume.

icon to depict the value of the SUB


Lower operating costs from time savings, fuel savings, and a long-lasting ute tray.


Comtruk’s SUB is the new standard for commercial use pickup trays. It delivers easier and safer load management, plus increased fuel efficiency and system durability for utes and commercial light-duty pickups.

The SUB fits most major pickups, with options for single, extended, and dual cab chassis. The SUB works with the most popular brands of vehicle carriers, loaders, boxes, and trays.

The SUB adapts to the job or industry. Configure it to carry ladders, water tanks, timber, tools, and more. With efficiency and safety built-in, employees can do more, with less effort. Made of industrial-grade aluminium, the SUB is strong, lightweight, and durable, using less fuel and delivering a longer service life.

Attach accessories along the SUB’s channels located:

  • outside and inside the rack bars
  • top side and underside of the bed’s floor
  • the entire perimeter of the bed
  • along the inside length of the operable gates

Talk to us about your options for wholesale supply with quantities of five or more SUB ute trays.

gif of a commercial-use SUB on an IVECO

Comtruk for fleet managers

RAM ProMaster chassis cab cutaway with a SUB branded for the council and loaded for a fleet crew

Get value and flexibility with the SUB

Comtruk gives businesses, councils, and tradies ute trays designed for work. Increase safety, save time, and save money along with performance, flexibility, and professional presentation with Comtruk’s SUB.

  • Safer work practices, increased employee satisfaction
  • Save on operational and commercial costs with increased efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, longer product life
  • Strong, durable, corrosion resistant industrial-grade aluminium alloy
  • Easy access to the bed for easier loading and load securing
  • Integrated steps and handles improve safety
  • Repeatable loading/unloading processes for documented Standard Operating Procedures
  • Customize for the job and reconfigure for different jobs

Comtruk for automotive dealerships and upfitters

Offer customers Comtruk’s high performance, high value ute trays and flatbeds

Dealers, fitters, and after-market automotive accessories suppliers can take advantage of Comtruk’s partnership opportunities. Talk to us to offer customers high performance, high-value ute trays, flatbeds, and our patented side lifter.

  • Customize for your different customers, reconfigure to meet the demands of multiple industries
  • 2020 models available for immediate delivery
  • Easy two-hour fitment
  • Opportunity to increase market share with complementary accessories
  • Give your customers value, efficiency, safety, strength, and durability
  • Meet demand for a flexible work-life ute tray
Tradie loading a SUB at Bunnings


Ford Ranger SUB ready for weekend fun, colour-matched in pride orange

The Comtruk SUB gives your ute the work/life balance you’ve been searching for. More fun. Less fuss.

Design your SUB for your ute.

Want a single SUB for your weekday work as a sole trader or for weekend adventures? Visit the Comtruk design studio.

Use Comtruk’s 3D Design Studio to build and quote your SUB. Choose the make, model, and finish, and see what your ute will look like with a SUB. The SUB fits 2016 and later model vehicles.