Technical information


SUB© designs offers a fresh take on load management for commercial-use utes. Below is a general overview of the SUB’s technical information. For specifications on your specific vehicle, contact Comtruk.



SUB fitted to a single cab chassis, internal area

  • Width: 1835mm
  • Length: 2515mm
  • Depth: 330mm

SUB fitted to a double cab chassis, internal area

  • Width: 1835mm
  • Length: 1685mm
  • Depth: 330mm
gif of a SUB on an ISUZU D-MAX
IVECO commercial trucks with SUBs installed for fleet use


SUB fitted to a single cab chassis

  • Usable footprint: 4.61 square metres
  • Volume: 1.52 cubic metres
  • Weight: 180-185kg

SUB fitted to a double cab chassis

  • Usable footprint: 3.09 square metres
  • Volume: 1.02 cubic metres
  • Weight: 150-155kg


Independently tested for performance and durability


The SUB performed beautifully in accelerated tests simulating 2,000kms of extreme off-road conditions and 95,000kms of normal driving conditions conducted by an independent, third-party testing company.

Go from strength to strength to strength


Constructed from industrial-grade aluminium alloy, the and SUB is strong, yet light. Hardened aluminium alloy let Comtruk’s design engineers add thickness, and strength without increasing weight.


In testing by Comtruk’s design team, the SUB showed little-to-no signs of obvious wear, just general rub/polish marks from timber pallet sitting on the alloy deck.


We subjected the SUB to:

  • strapped 500kg of concrete brick load on the SUB for about 12 weeks
  • drove it approx. 8000kms
  • on generally B-grade and unsealed roads


Plus, we’ve been using SUBs for work and play on Rangers, Colorados, HiLux, and X-Class utes for years. They’ve passed the “hauling construction gear” test, the “moving my mate” test, the “weekend of motorbiking” test, and the “camping with the toddler” test.

gif of a colour-matched pride orange SUB on a Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Contact Comtruk for additional technical information on the SUB.