Our library of videos let you see the Sport Utility Bed (SUB) in action. Comtruk for work or Comtruk for play, the SUB offers performance features like no other ute tray in Australia.

Explore the possibilities of a SUB for work or fun. Customise it with accessories and hit the road. Turn it into a workbench or camp kitchen bench. The options are endless.

Faster, easier securing of a load

A Sport Utility Bed for fun

A year of SUB-ventures

Join the fun as Kevin describes his adventures taking the Comtruk SUB around Australia.

Turn your SUB into a mobile work centre

Easy, safe, and practical. SUB gates lock in at 90 degrees to become a work site workbench.

Meet the Comtruk Sport Utility Bed

Our integrated channel system lets you customise your SUB

Our racks can take it

Australian innovation

Our side lifter, exclusive to the SUB

These operable gates really perform

An overview of the SUB’s features

Your work, your life, your SUB; customise it for you

Fast and easy workbench

XT150 heavy duty rack bars

If our collection of videos has you wanting more, contact the Comtruk team. We’re happy to answer your questions on the SUB, as well as discuss opportunities for distribution and wholesale purchases (of five or more SUBs).

A member of our team will be in touch soon.

Comtruk Sport Utility Bed for Fleets

Step up to Comtruk

Easy remove alloy tray gates