A ute tray for play

Comtruk SUB for your lifestyle

The Comtruk© SUB© (Sport Utility Bed), the world’s most versatile ute tray, delivers a whole new way to work and play.


Australian utes are tough, sexy, smart, safe, and powerful, with feature-packed interiors that consider the whole family. The SUB is their perfect partner.


The SUB offers hassle-free loading and carrying of freight, merchandise, tools, bikes, kayaks, camping gear, or whatever is needed to win the work site or seize the weekend. And it looks great doing it.

You don’t have to choose between work and play. Get both. The SUB delivers a great matching of lifestyle and utility.

Turn your pickup into a work-life crossover vehicle your family and mates will love. Get a SUB and get a ute tray for play

SUB-ventures with Kevin

Let’s play!

Video transcript

When I was looking at trays. I looked for a long time. You know, really expensive one’s and those cheap and nasty ones that you see around and I was just at the Caravan and Camping show and I was literally going to leave, but I ended up walking through another exhibit. Then I walked past your stall and I thought, jeeze … that looks good. I’m thinking ‘it looks great, I’m not going to be able to afford it though.’ I just happened to ask them, and they told me the price and I went ‘you’re kidding. I’ll come down and see you.’ That’s where it all started from. I came down and saw you. Originally, I didn’t go for the rear bar, but I eventually got that and that’s how I started to set it up. Price wise it was a little bit more expensive, but I was looking at aluminium trays from Boss Aluminium and they were like $9,000! I was thinking brilliant piece of equipment that looks fantastic as well for such a reasonable price. Compared to what else is out there. I looked for a long time as well. It’s not like I just went to two different places – I was ringing places in Mildura.


It’s the truth. I’ve had lots of people stop to look at it and say ‘WOW!’ I think they think what I thought … you know, that’s going to be one of those high-end. Norweld and Boss they make fantastic kit – no doubt about it. But it’s a fantastic price, too. I just couldn’t afford to do that on that car. I needed something that’s going to take the punishment that I’m going to give it. I haven’t babied it, it’s just been brilliant.


I’ve had lots of people stop and look at it.


They all say the same thing. That’s the best tray I’ve ever seen on a ute. It’s so different. It’s incredibly practical as well. I show people how you can use the sides like a workbench or stand on them or whatever. It’s very clever and very well thought out. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into thinking about not only the way it looks, but also the way it functions.


Even the tray size. It’s a really great size, you can fit a lot of gear in it. It carries an awful lot of stuff.

Q&A with Kevin

Can you tell me the story about how you found the bed?

When I first bought the car, it had a tub on it – a standard Ranger effectively. I’d been looking for a long time for a really good tray because I wanted to use the car off-road. Going to some really out of the way places, where I like to go. I spent a lot of time looking at various trays – steel trays, aluminium trays. Eventually, I was at the 4wd show. I was about to leave the show and I decided to walk through another exhibit hall, and I saw the SUB stand and immediately thought that that is a fantastic looking tray. They were showing people all the various functions of it too. Which was very appealing, because they are obviously great. It was just a standout how great value it appeared to be and then I just went from there and came here to have one put on and I haven’t regretted it at all. It’s been fantastic.

Has the SUB met your expectations?



The SUB has been better than my expectations by some margin. It’s so functional. It looks fantastic. People are always stopping me and commenting on how good it looks. Wanting to know where I got it from and how much it costs etc. etc.


I go down some pretty rough roads, it’s what I like doing, and it’s been absolutely brilliant. It’s great around the campsite. The fact you can use the sides as a workbench, put your gas stove on it, you can stand on it. It’s just really practical and works really well.

Where have you taken it?

Right through S.A. – quite a number of different tracks in S.A. Right from sand dunes and rough gravel corrugated roads.


North Alice Springs in the Northern Territory across into central Queensland.


Done a lot of trips around the Gammon Ranges and Flinders Ranges. On some pretty rough roads and it has not missed a beat.


One of the trips was just about 10,000 kms and most of it was off-road. So it’s been fantastic.

What do carry in it?

As you can see, I’ve got these two 220lt boxes that I’ve put in and they’re simply attached to the floor of the SUB with uni-strut nuts that fit into the floor.

Full of camping equipment. I’ve got camping stoves, solar panels, whenever we go camping these days, we apparently have to take everything including the kitchen sink, and I carry a fair bit of gear.


I have a rooftop tent that I put on the top. I put other tubs inside. I’ve got the suspension rated to over 300kgs because when I load it up that’s pretty much what it’s carrying and again it’s been brilliant. Nothing has come loose, and it’s worked really well.

What are some of the features of the SUB you find really helpful and practical?

The fact that you can attach things to the floor, through the channels, attach things to all the side panels, and rear door without anything coming over the top has been really good. I’ve put this stuff in and gone down some incredibly rough corrugated roads and none of it has come lose.


Even the bars, where you have internal and external where you can attach things to the bars. It’s just really flexible in how you can set up the tray and take everything out. It doesn’t take long to take everything out. And you’ve just got a whole tray and can put them back in in 10 minutes. It’s really easy.


The sides in particular with the side panels – to hold these is a fantastic and then having unit which you can literally stand on – you’ve got a work bench. I can put my camp stove on it if I want to. I can put other things on it while I’m setting up camp. It’s absolutely brilliant. There’s another one of those in here to make it stronger if you want to but even with one, I’ve found that I can actually stand on it no problem at all.


It’s just really strong, but also really light. And I mean this feature makes it so much easier to get to your roof rack and anything up there. You can use this and just walk along it. You can walk around the whole vehicle effectively. It’s just fantastic. I love this feature. I think it’s a really brilliant feature.

Final thoughts?

The fact that everything sat so well in the tray with no drama. I was really impressed with it. And still am. I drive along the road and I see other guys in utes looking around the other way. I can see them doing it.


Talking about how rough the roads were, my bulbar came loose, and I actually took it back to the unique guys and made them re-do it all because I actually shook it loose. So again, when I’ve saying I’m going down fairly rough roads I mean it. I’m not mucking about. Those corrugated roads just rattle your fillings out after a while.