A ute tray for play

Comtruk SUB for your lifestyle

The Comtruk© SUB© (Sport Utility Bed), the world’s most versatile ute tray, delivers a whole new way to work and play.


Australian utes are tough, sexy, smart, safe, and powerful, with feature-packed interiors that consider the whole family. The SUB is their perfect partner.


The SUB offers hassle-free loading and carrying of freight, merchandise, tools, bikes, kayaks, camping gear, or whatever is needed to win the work site or seize the weekend. And it looks great doing it.

You don’t have to choose between work and play. Get both. The SUB delivers a great matching of lifestyle and utility.

Turn your pickup into a work-life crossover vehicle your family and mates will love. Get a SUB and get a ute tray for play

Design your SUB for your ute

Want a single SUB for your weekday work as a sole trader or for weekend adventures? Visit the Comtruk design studio. The SUB has been engineered for 2016 and later model vehicles.

Use Comtruk’s 3D Design Studio to build and quote your SUB. Choose the make, model, and finish, and see what your ute will look like with a SUB.