The Norman side lifter is the safer choice for manual handling equipment to lift, load, transport, and unload on a truck or ute.

  • Weighs only 68kg
  • High strength
  • Maximise payload
  • Increased safety
  • Large 570 x 580 platform
  • EV friendly
  • Remote control with safety lock
  • System enclosed within lift arm
  • Aluminium construction
  • Recyclable

Install Comtruk’s Norman side lifter on qualifying brands of truck trays on mid- and full-size utes or chassis cab cutaways or on the SUB©, our high performance sport utility bed ute tray. The lifter can be fitted or retro-fitted to most aluminium and steel flatbeds and tray decks.


Rated for a safe working load of 200kgs, the Norman side lifter makes it possible for one person to safely pick-up and load a hot water heater, oil drum, heat pump, pool chemicals, or similar items.

Our side lifter is certified to Australian Standards:

  • AS 1418.1
  • AS 1418.8

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Award winner WorkSafe manual handling lifter

Reece, Australia’s leading supplier of bathroom and plumbing products, maintains a fleet of more than 1,200 delivery vehicles operating out of 450 stores across the county.


We engineered the Norman side lifter to provide a fast, nimble, safer way for Reece to deliver heavy products, like water heaters and heat pumps.


Reece received the “2019 WorkSafe Awards Best Solution to a Manual Handling Issue” and the “Best Solution of a WHS Risk (Medium to Large Business)” at the 2019 National Safety Awards of Excellence for their fleet’s adoption of the Norman side lifter.


Comtruk’s Norman side lifter has improved productivity and safety for Reece employees.

Informed by decades of experience

manual lifting side lifter

Named for Bob Norman, long-time Comtruk employee, automotive engineer, and the driving force behind the side lifter, the Norman side lifter was specifically designed to meet the material handling needs of Comtruk customers.


The result of Bob’s research and development, the Norman side lifter benefits from his mechanical innovation and decades of experience building products for Comtruk.

And now, scores of Bob’s side lifter have been fitted to vehicles across Australia.


Bob’s side lifter is changing the way work gets done and deserves all the attention and accolades it receives.

Innovative design

A series of patent applications are pending for the Norman side lifter material handling system, including the integrated track system in the deck of the bed allowing the lifter to be moved to various positions.

a close view of the side lifter installed on high performance ute tray