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About Comtruk

Comtruk© is a pioneer of the ute tray. Today, we’re blazing a trail for the future with our Sport Utility Bed (SUB©) and EZ Lift-N-Load side lifter. Proudly Australian, we operate with a global perspective and strive to manufacture innovative, practical solutions for the way Australians live and work.


Launched in 1978, Comtruk was acquired by Aluminium Industries (Ai) in 2014, but the two companies share a much longer history. Before he started Ai, Jim Gallagher worked for Comalco, where he supplied Comtruk with aluminium extrusions. Later, Ai supplied extrusions to build the alloy trays. A complete redesign began as soon as Comtruk was folded into Ai. The Sport Utility Bed or SUB was the result.


Jim haboured a decades-long vision of turning Comtruk’s humble ute tray into something more. He believed alloy trays should offer greater functionality and look smarter. Why should people settle for a “fruit box” bolted on a chassis cab?


Make your Comtruk SUB a valuable member of your crew. This no-nonsense workhorse is the easiest commercial decision you will make, reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and productivity, improve safety, and improve your brand’s image.

gif of the Mercedes X-Class with matt black powder coat SUB