HD150™ heavy duty platform rack installed above the bed of utes, pickups, and light-duty trucks

The strongest platform rack to carry everything you need.


  • designed to carry large loads
  • “turn & lock” track system to quickly & easily attach accessories
  • strong, light aluminium construction
  • rubber buffer strips protect cargo
  • available in a range of lengths and widths
  • fits to Comtruk XT150 rack bars or most major rack bar brands
  • features stainless steel hardware
heavy duty platform rack


Purpose built for the wide span on utes, the HD150 platform rack is the strongest in class. It covers the distance between the mount bars over the ute tub and its load rating isn’t limited by a vehicle roof.

load rating for HD150 platform rack

The HD15o platform rack comes in 12 models to meet the length and width dimensions of most ute trays.


Be confident your HD150 can handle the hauling demands of your work and adventures. We’ve thoroughly tested the HD150 heavy duty platform rack for strength, durability, and ease of use to ensure it meets Comtruk’s standards.

The HD150 can be attached to Comtruk’s XT150 rack bars or your rack bars. Designed for flexibility, it takes about 60 minutes to assemble and install, and can just as easily be removed if you need to carry a tall load on the floor of your pickup tub.

heavy duty platform rack loaded with camping gear
XT150 and HD150 platform rack installed on SUB alloy tray


The HD150 heavy duty platform rack comes in several sizes to get the right fit for your vehicle. All HD150 models are engineered to maintain strength while spanning the open space above the bed.